Proven Ways FX Brokers Can Master FX connectivity in China

When: 14:00 -14:30 on February 23, 2017

Where: Workshop Room, Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Hong Kong

Who: Jake (Yu) Zhi, VP, Institutional Consultant at Fortex Inc.

Why: Many brokers don’t view platform connectivity as their main priority thus putting themselves at an instant competitive disadvantage. Connections in China can be blocked and/or are frequently intermittent and unreliable, resulting in serious frustration and concern for active traders. During the workshop, we will be reviewing the most common ways in that FX brokerages are currently navigating around the issues with online connectivity in China and offer you the available solutions.

About the Speaker:

Jake Zhi.jpgPrior to joining Fortex Inc. as Vice President of Institutional Consulting Services, Yu Zhi served as Financial Analyst at Bank of Guangzhou and Pearl River Group in China, and as Institutional Consultant at Boston Technologies and Currensee in Boston. He has led the two Boston companies’ business development effort into greater China and has successfully made it the fastest growing and highly profitable region for both companies. Yu has solid knowledge in China’s retail and B2B FX in business operation, risk management, liquidity provision, trading facility optimization and deep connections with brokers, fund managers, software providers and consulting firms in Chinese FX industry.

Yu is trilingual in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and English. He also holds a Master’s degree in Finance in Brandeis University International Business School at Boston, USA.